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Select either of these downloads to receive the latest stable version of Offering Helper.

Offering Helper Lite 4.0 MB Download Now
Offering Helper Plus 4.0 MB Download Now


Beta Version: There is currently no beta version available.  The beta version that was released on Jan 3, 2019 (v6.11.0001) has been promoted to the Stable version, and can be downloaded using the above links.

Existing Customers:  If your support contract has run out, the versions of Offering Helper on this page will install as demos, and expire in 45 days.  To unlock and activate these versions, you will need a new registration key, which you can most easily obtain by purchasing a Support & Upgrades package.  Please note that you are not obligated to renew each year.  The software will continue to work even after the support contract expires.

If you don't specifically need the latest version, and you still have the version of Offering Helper you originally purchased (on a CD for example), you can install that instead and activate it with your existing registration key.

Version History:   Click here to view the Offering Helper Version History