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Offering Helper comes in two versions - Offering Helper Plus, and Offering Helper Lite - giving you the flexibility to choose the features and pricing that's right for you. Both versions of Offering Helper are suitable for either US or Canadian churches.

Offering Helper Plus is the newest release from Dirks Software. Utilizing the power of advanced database technology in a flexible  and easy to use program, Offering Helper Plus makes managing your church offerings and year-end tax receipts a breeze.  Along with that, you get detailed donation reports to assist in analyzing your congregation's giving patterns.

More than just an offering program though, Offering Helper Plus has something for the church secretary too.  Mailing lists, envelopes, and church directories are just some of the many features designed to maximize your church office efficiency.  There's even something for the pastoral staff: detailed family information, including pictures, to help you keep up with your growing congregation!

The Plus version also supports Cloud Data Storage, which allows the data between multiple installations of Offering Helper to stay perfectly synchronized, no matter which computer you use to make your data inputs.  Click here for more information.

Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10


For those who just want something simple, Offering Helper Lite is made for you.  You can keep track of donor names and addresses, enter contributions made, and print receipts at the end of the year - and all for a very affordable price. The Lite version also contains a basic set of useful donation reports.  


Check out this feature comparison chart to find out which version is right for you.


Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10






Download a free 45 day trial version of Offering Helper and find out exactly what the program does before you buy.




"I have used other church software but this is by far a better program!"

Luis Colon, PA

"I have been using Offering Helper since the first of the year. It does an excellent job in tabulating donor's contribution data. It's easy to input and correct the data. The various printouts are outstanding. Verification that the data was correct is simple to accomplish. The help files had all the information I needed. I am very satisfied with the program's performance. "

Richard Swanson, CA

Offering Helper has been a real help to me as Secretary-Treasurer of a relatively small church, with few people to help and more than enough work to go around. The ability to issue (and sometimes re-issue) receipts is a tremendous help."

Dave Leighton, BC


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