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Save a copy of the Offering Helper installer

Please follow these steps to save a copy of the Offering Helper installer.  These instructions are somewhat general, since the exact steps can vary depending on what web browser you are using.

  1. Use your web browser to visit  On the left-hand side, click on the Download link.

  2. Click the "Download Now" link for the appropriate version of Offering Helper.

  3. If it asks you to Run or Save, select Save.  If it asks you where to save, specify a convenient location, such as your Desktop or your Downloads folder.  If it doesn't ask you for a location, it will probably automatically put the file in your Downloads folder.

  4. After the download is complete, go to the folder you specified in the previous step and you should see a file called OHPLUS.EXE or OHLITE.EXE, depending on your version. 

  5. Save this file in a convenient place that you will be able to access in the future.  For example, burn it to a CD, copy it to a USB flash drive, or upload it to a cloud storage device (ie DropBox, SkyDrive, iCloud, or others) . 

  6. Test it to make sure it works.  Take whatever media you copied the file to, insert it into your computer, and double-click on the file.  The Offering Helper installer program should start up.  If it does, that means it is working.  You can then cancel out of the installer.

If you have difficulty completing this task, print out these instructions and take them to someone in your church who is experienced with computers, and they should be able to do it for you.  Another option is to take these instructions to a local computer shop, and they can also help you, usually for a small fee.

General Information

Most customers will at some point face the need to reinstall Offering Helper.  This situation can arise, for instance, if you ever get a new computer.  The Offering Helper setup program is free to download for those customers who have an active, paid up, support contract.  However, some of you may not want to invest in an on going support contract, in which case it is important that you save a copy of the program installer in case you ever need to reinstall.

The setup program is either called OHPLUS.EXE or OHLITE.EXE, depending on your version, and it is the same file that you originally downloaded and used to install the program the first time.  You simply need to copy this file somewhere where you will be able to access it in the future. 

IMPORTANT:  It is not enough to simply save the contents of the Offering Helper folder.  (ie. C:\Program Files\Offering Helper).  These files cannot be used to reinstall Offering Helper on a new computer.