Offering Helper

Offering Management Made Simple!

Offering Helper is a program to manage offerings and donations made to your church or organization. Data entry is fast and easy, and the program comes with various reports providing clear and powerful insights into the giving patterns of your congregation. When year-end comes around, you'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can print off receipts and statements that are fully tax compliant, whether your church is based in the USA or Canada.

There are two versions available for your consideration - Offering Helper Lite, and Offering Helper Plus - giving you the flexibility to choose the features and pricing that's right for you.

Offering Helper Lite

For those who just want something simple, Offering Helper Lite is made for you.  You can keep track of donor names and addresses, enter contributions made throughout the year, and print receipts at tax time - and all for a very affordable price. The Lite version also contains a basic set of reports for the benefit of your treasurer and pastoral staff.

Offering Helper Plus

Offering Helper Plus contains all the features of the Lite version, plus a whole lot more, while still being extremely easy to use. In addition to donor names and addresses, you can also enter family information, extended contact information, general notes, and even user defined fields.

When it comes time to enter donations, you'll appreciate the same speed and efficiency, along with greater flexibility and more options, such as user defined donation types, pledges, and automatic giving, just to name a few.

The Plus version also contains a significantly wider range of reports to choose from. You can print out deposit slips, and labels and envelopes as well, to make sending out statements that much easier.

The Plus version also supports the Cloud Data Storage feature, which allows you to have multiple computers running Offering Helper that keep their data perfectly synchronized, no matter which computer you enter your data at. No more shuttling data files back and forth on a USB flash drive!

Check out this feature comparison chart to find out which version is right for you.

Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10